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Flavors Creative Group™ x GIIIVENS Studio

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Photography: Audree Wells // Models: Rosanna Cuellar and Stephanie Smith  

GIIIVENS  is a non-binary designer from Northern Indiana. Armed with a BA in Fine Arts from St. Mary's College, GIIIVENS creates interactive experiences that consists of immersive light design, 3D animation, AR development, visual art direction, sculpture, music composition, videography and photography. Their work has been shown in various capacities, most recently creating a permanent Installation at Pier Park in South Bend Indiana. Their work has also notably been shown  for Redbull at SXSW, The LINE Hotel, and The Museum of Human Achievement in Austin, TX, Public Works Gallery in Chicago, and Bishop Arts Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. Outside of their solo ventures they are a member of the South Bend Museum of Art board and the artist residency board for the ATX based non-profit Brown State of Mind.

Flavors Creative Group™ and GIIIVENS Studio debut their first merchandise collaboration inspired by the form of the formless. This inaugural partnership aims to connect both the physical and virtual worlds by means of sustainable fashion. This garment features iconic original branding imagined through the lens of GIIIVENS Studio. Neutral shades serve as the primary color palette partnered with light-sensitive 3M® graphics that activate when exposed to illumination. The shirt will be available this Tuesday, 10 A.M, exclusively on the Flavors website in sizes S-2XL. 

Rendered by GIIIVENS Studio


Light installation by GIIIVENS Studio 

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