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The Flawed King

I sat down and spoke with my close friend and Emcee, Flygerwoods, about his newest E.P "Flawed", and how he's maintained through a  turbulent 2020.

T.H: How did this project come about, and why 4 tracks? 

F.W: Last December, my friend Grayson (@gpcmusic) introduced me to a producer by the name of BrkChk (@brkchk). I heard his work and knew I had to make something with him.

        I started writing in January and recorded the original E.P. entitled " 4 Day Weekend" a month later (February 2020). We recorded right before Covid-19, so things got put on a stand still.

T.H: What prompted you to A) release the album this week, and B) change the title from 4 Day Weekend to Flawed?

F.W: I decided it was time to give my fans something. We have worked on this since February. After everything popped off this year, I really had to ask myself if rapping was something I still wanted to do. Having all that time to sit and think made me really ask questions to find myself. After I listened to the album a couple months later, it took on a new light for me. I found a new inspiration in the music that I did not see at the beginning of the year. Another way to look at life.

         After working out the kinks and mastering the tracks, reworking vocals, all that, I still felt like the E.P had a lo-fi, new sound. The sound didn't resonate the same as it did when I first recorded it, and, within that, I found beauty. I knew that I wanted to change the album title to reflect how I saw it. 

T.H: What is the story behind the track "Cabo Flo"? *** EDITOR'S TOP PICK SONG!

F.W: So I actually got engaged to my fiance in December! We were on a cruise in Cabo. After getting home and getting back to the 9-5 grind, I just kept thinking about that moment. Since I create a majority of my music while riding around delivering for Uber Eats, I had to have one song that took me back there. A subtle flex to show the world a positive piece of my personal life. A positive insight and memory for me to share with my fans. 

T.H: What's next for Flygerwoods?

F.W: I am back into the music man. I have a joint, full length project with Rodeo Joe dropping in October entitled "Suede". That will be my fourth project of the year.

        Other than that, I have been sketching everyday. Really getting into drawing. I really want to get into learning techniques with color and start creating my own cover art. I think it is important that the art reflect my ideas. 

        My finace and I are celebrating our 5th year together tomorrow, so I am looking forward to that. Really looking forward to hopefully socializing again soon without everyone having to get vaccines and just trying to stay optimistic about that. 

Flygerwood's E.P entitled Flawed available here:

Flyger Woods
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