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Flavors Creative Group™ x Try Hard Coffee ATX

TH x FCG.jpg

Flavors is proud to partner with Try Hard Coffee Roasters to create a harmonious blend of natural colored garments. The capsule collection focuses on sustainably created, organic cotton pieces utilizing fabrics sourced, processed, and manufactured within the USA by fair wage employees. Using Try Hard's signature coffee grounds as dye powder lead to several experimental dye processes that created an array of gentle earth tones, reminiscent of the flavors their coffee has to offer. Each t-shirt is hand dyed, while the rest of the collection offers homage to the subtle tones mixed with the vibrant colors found within Try Hard's location on East 11th. Available exclusively at Try Hard Coffee Roasters this Friday.  

Photography: Taylor Daine

Models: Caden Ziegler
(@caden_the_human) // Rachel Grimes

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