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Model: Alyssa Mitchell // Photos: Taylor Henderson // Location: Austin, Tx

Flavors Winter Collection 1: Controlled Chaos

Flavors Creative Group™ is proud to announce our newest collection entitled: Controlled Chaos. 

Controlled Chaos is a fully renewed and sustainable collection consisting of up cycled fabrics and accessories to create fully wearable art for everyone. Each piece is one of a kind, and was created, dyed, and printed in our N. Austin studio by Taylor Henderson and Eric Barnes.

The collection also includes special guest series pieces by our friend @eyeofzyi, bases in California. Pieces were reworked and created using scrap denim and coffee beans hand dyed and constructed by Eric. Zyi added the final embellishments by creating stunning hand painted graphics to give each piece its own unique and grunge look.


The full collection will be available this Sunday in person at Try Hard Coffee, and online Thursday, December 3rd at 3 pm CST.


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